QBC Malaria Test

QBC Malaria Test

The QBC Malaria test is a capillary tube coated with anticoagulants and acridine orange used to stain malaria parasites for detection using fluorescence microscopy

The QBC Malaria Test is a fluorescence microscopy-based malaria diagnostic test that speeds and simplifies malaria detection, with a combination of features and benefits unmatched by competing products:

  • Increased Sensitivity compared to thick film analysis, with proven advantages in cases of low parasitemia.
  • Time Savings, with results in as low as 8 minutes, a fraction of the time of thick film analysis, and reduced training time for new users.
  • Simple Set-Up and Review, improving sample collection and review for users through patented QBC technology.
  • Respected, Proven Technology, boasting FDA clearance and a long history of proven success in dozens of scientific studies.


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