PDA STAT Manikin

PDA STAT Manikin

ACLS Manikin

PDA STAT challenges your concept of scenario training.

By simply stepping back away from the manikin and selecting a menu driven scenario on your PalmPilot, you can watch the events unfold, question the students about their actions, and teach critical thinking skills! 

Whether you choose a clinical lab setting for basic instruction, an office floor down the hall to demonstrate scene anomalies, or a car in the ditch to test multi-tasking prioritizing, PDA STAT Simulator defines portable. 

The on-board and enclosed air compressor and electronics package removes all the peripheral baggage you’ve seen in other scenario trainers. 

Simply plug in your extension cord and connect your PalmPilot to the link cable and the event is happening.

In addition, PDA STAT comes with PC download programming so the PDA can be hot sync’d to your PC.

The student files can then be accessed for objective review of sessions, record editing, and record keeping.

PDA STAT Products include packages of replacement parts, sweat suit with logo, accessories, and come in a hard storage case with wheels. Size: 57" X 34" X 12".

PDA STAT features 12 Pulse Points : Advanced IV arm, Bilateral Tension Pneumothorax, Oral and nasal intubation, Tongue edema & laryngospasm, Crichothyrotomy, 4 lead ECG monitoring and defib, CPR, Upper teeth break out, Inflation of pulses and pneumothorax, Bilateral chest tube insertion with simulated fluid discharge, IM injection site on deltoid, Left and right lungs and stomach that distends

All of these Manual STAT features, plus: PalmPilot OS Program, 220 volts a/c power cord, Instructor controls scenario from PalmPilot, No external air compressor, Heart and lung sounds selection, Blood pressure variable in left arm, Manikin reacts to treatment, Drug list from AHA, AHA algorithms.

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