STAT Manikin

Simulaids introduces STAT fully upgradeable Manikins.

The 5'10" body demonstrates a giant step forward in manikin design. 

Joint range of motion is near human, and pinching in jointed areas is a lost art. 

Rib cage motion mimics lifelike respirations.

Multiple pulse points demonstrate blood pressure variations.

Features: Totally new body Accurate human anatomy Joints with realistic range of motion Represents 5'10" male Skill Areas: Pulses CPR Multiple injection sites Advanced IV arm Intubation 4-lead monitoring Chest tubes Challenges: 12 pulse points Oral and naso-intubation Tongue swells Laryngospasm Cricothyrotomy Bilateral chest tube placement with simulated fluid discharge Bilateral pneumothorax relief Stomach distention IV arm therapy Defibrillation Arrhythmia training STAT Manikin Size: 57" x 34" x 12" .

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