Audiometric Test booth

Audiometric Test booth

Audiometric Test Booth S40

The SIBELMED’s isulated booth have been designed by R&D of SIBEL S.A department, using the newest sound-insolatoin materials.

This feature has allowed to reduce the weight with a high isolation and functionally, and beauty too.

The external surface is made of washed panels. Inside is pleasantly ylluminated and it is very comfortable.

The design process, manufacturing and after sales service have been perfomed in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Standard and the 93.


- Size: 90x90x215 cms (other options)

- Attenuation: 33.5 dB “250-8000Hz” (certified) / 32 dB “100-10000 Hz” (certified)

- Weight: 265 Kg. Approx.

- Ventilation: unforced ventilation system.

- Window: double plane.

- Rules: CEI 601.1, ANSI S3.1, ISO 8253-1.

- Power supply: 220 V 50-60 Hz. (other options)

- Power consumption: 50W (adaptable to any audiometers)


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