The Morgan Lens

The Morgan Lens

The most effective, comfortable and easy-to-use ocular irrigation system.

The Morgan Lens, Morgan Lens Delivery Set and Medi-Duct from MorTan combine to provide the most effective ocular irrigation system.

The Morgan Lens is the most effective method for treating ocular trauma.

Widely used by physicians, nurses and other medical personnel for emergency eye irrigation, the Morgan Lens can deliver a continuous flow of solution to the injured eye, within seconds, freeing medical staff to treat other injuries or to transport the patient without interruption.

Accessories for use with the Morgan Lens

The following equipment is recommended for eye irrigation using the Morgan Lens:

  • 2 Morgan Lenses (ref. Med MT2000)
  • Morgan Lens Delivery Set (ref. Med MT202)
  • I.V. Solution for Irrigation
  • 2 Medi-Ducts (ref. Med MT63), towels, blue pads, or other fluid collection device

Product Description:

Morgan mor-FLEX  Lens (CE marked, sterile, single use)

Ref. Med MT2000

Pack size: 10 boxes of 12

Consisting of a molded lens with directional fins, attached tubing and adaptor, the Morgan Lens provides lavage to the cornea and conjuctiva, instantly and effectively treating chemical and thermal burns or helping to remove non-embedded foreign materials in the eye.

Morgan Lens Delivery Set (CE marked, sterile, single use)

Ref. Med MT202

Pack size: 10 boxes of 6

Often injuries will be bilateral, but the pain in one eye may mask the pain in the other, or nerve damage may have occurred, creating an analgesic effect (especially with alkali burns). Unless the other eye is completely comfortable and there is no pathology discovered, immediate irrigation should be started in both eyes.

The Morgan Lens Delivery Set consists of a specialized I.V. delivery set that can be attached to two Morgan Lenses, conveniently providing simultaneous irrigation of both eyes. Use of the Delivery Set saves time and money, since you do not need to use two separate I.V. setups. The rate of flow may be controlled, and irrigation to just one eye is possible since the necessary clamps are included.

Medi-Duct fluid collection device (CE marked, sterile, single use)

Ref. Med MT63

Pack size: 5 boxes of 12

Designed specifically for use with the Morgan Lens, we recommend the Medi-Duct fluid management system over towels, blue pads, or other fluid collection devices. Attached to the face beneath the irrigated eye, the Medi-Duct ocular fluid management system wicks away the irrigating fluids used with the Morgan Lens using a super-absorbent inner material that allows for quicker and more efficient collection and disposal.

Morgan Lens Instructions:

Instructions for using the Morgan Lens for continuous medication or lavage to the cornea and conjunctiva.

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