SD BIOLINE Dengue Duo Rapid test

SD BIOLINE Dengue Duo Rapid test

Perfect diagnosis of dengue infection during all stages

Dengue NS1 antigen DUO test is able to detect the virus from the first day of the symptoms.

Dengue NS1 antigen is a highly conserved glycoprotein that seems to be essential for virus viability, but has no established biological activity.

Unusually for a viral glycoprotein, NS1 is produced in both membrane- associated and secreted forms.

This NS1 antigen is pres- ent at high concentrations in the sera of dengue virus- infected patients during the early clinical phase of the disease so it could be used as a suitable marker of dengue virus infection.

Pack size: 10 kits

Diagnose Dengue Ag NS1 even during window period:

- The sensitivity of antibody test does not become acceptable until five days after the onset of fever.

- NS1 antigen and IgM antibodies were detected concomitantly during the acute phase, but from day 1 to day 3, NS1 antigen showed a more sensitive detection. According to the studies and to our results, the presence of NS1 in human sera can be confirmed between days 0 and 9 (day 0 corresponding to the onset of fever), whereas IgM antibodies do not begin to appear until the early convalescence phase

- The use of NS1 detection as a first-line test for the diagnosis of acute dengue infection, using serum samples collected during the onset of clinical symptoms (day 0 to day 4), could help to accelerate the diagnosis of dengue fever in clinical diagnostic laboratories

Compensating weakness of antigen single test

- The NS1 antigen could be detected until day 18 after the onset of symptoms

- Physicians using this proposed acute and early convalescence diagnostic strategy on inpatients and outpa tients should be able to obtain rapid, specific dengue diagnosis within a few hours for acute-phase samples, but such diagnoses should also be possible for patients presenting at a late stage of the disease.

Easy to Use : Fast test result & Storage condition

- Much faster than ELISA test

- Room Temperature storage condition

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