"FROG" Plus Roll In Stretcher Certified

"FROG" Plus Roll In Stretcher Certified

A rigid steel frame which allows, in coupling with the appropriate fixing system, to absorb those stresses caused by sudden accelerations or decelerations of the rescue vehicle.

Complete with belts and mattress.

  • Rigid platform made of reinforced thermoplastic material
  • Reclining backrest 0° - 80°, operated by a gas piston, can be locked in any position
  • Folding sides
  • Vertical legs protected by plastic buffers
  • Casters are self-centring so that the stretcher can be positioned in the ambulance without them having to be turned manually
  • Front troley can be lowered to reduce stretcher's encumbrance
  • It is not possible to lock the legs in the folded position

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